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The sour cream/buttermilk pound cake was a big hit with my family and friends. The cake was very moist. The flavor was great with my afternoon coffee for I could no longer resist it and decided to eat the last slice. I truly enjoyed snacking on the crumbs as well. The price for the cake is reasonable, I was very pleased for the picture truly represented a scrumptious cake and taste plus delivering was 100% awesome. Thank you for a wonderful cake and I will definitely order again. P.S.: It never made it to the freezer.
Hey dad I've been bumping your CD since Monday. Every song speaks life into every dead situation. The anointing on this CD will bring people to the cross and encourage others to stay at the cross even when they feel like throwing in the towel. This CD is truly anointed. Continue to let God use you, and elevate you to higher heights and deeper depths in him. Love you!
Hello Mr Polite, we met at Walmart today, I had the baptized shirt on, we listen to your CD all the way home and it is AWESOME! When Work on Me finished my husband turned to me and said God put you in our path for a reason because he felt the song was written for him! Thank you for blessing us today with some much needed worship! May God Continue to bless you!
Tony, I just wanted to thank you, you help find myself and do the right thing. We first met at the end of February. I had just return from a trip to Central America where I was tempted "BIG" time and having doubts about my marriage. I bump into you outside the Publix at Miramar and you offered me your CD, I was hesitant but I still purchased it. I listen to it and realized that I am not alone, that God was with me to help me do the right thing. Thanks again! because the Lord reached me via you. Amen
Loving the web site... Just stopping by to drop sum love. Respect . -Jon
It was a pleasure meeting you in Wal-Mart today. Best of luck in your music career!
Tony: Just had the pleasure of meeting you in Walmart (199th St) today. You were talking to my aunt, I'm the "writer." Keep doing what you're doing. Listening to your truth, inspires me to live mine through my writing. So thank you and many blessings.
Hi, You came up to me in Kmart in lake park fl. I listen to the cd and I have to say that I'm sorry for the statement that I made about if it was a good cd or not. Any way to make a long story short. It is a bless cd. I really like it. I pray that God bless your work. Now that I know you ,and if I hear that you are coming to town I will tell my family and friends about you and I will support the work that you are doing for the lord. May may bless you and your family.
tony, your hot. lov u
God be praised as you soar with the Almighty. As He sends His fresh wind may you continue to stay tucked under His wings, and He covers you with His feathers. The flight may be dangerous but it's maaaan what a ride...
hey! i love you.
HEY YOU ARE A GREAAT SINGER! Gabriela gatinha da night,te amo
Nice job, bro! Keep it up for God! HALLELUJAH! te amo meu anjo.
Hi Tony!!! I bought your CD and it was great, I enjoyed it very much. May God bless you and prosper you! I will leave you a link to some christian products from Colombia that I hope you can get to know! Keep that smile and joy that God has given you, I am sure that you have lightened many people´s lives!
Hello Tony!!! I saw you at the Sawgrass Mall and even though I wasn't able to purchase some of your music, you did leave me with some aspiring words as I was sitting down in Burlington Coat factory waiting on my wife. Thank you so much and may God richly bless you and keep up the faith and never give up. You have a lot of joy and fire in you.
Hi Tony. Thanks for sharing. I'm author of award winning novel "The Reverend Doctor" in which my team and I (Olive Branch Productions, LLC) are in development for making into a feature film. Also, I'm host of "First Saturday" Rejoice 1140AM radio program. In addition, I'm on the Board of Directors of FarMor Entertainment. I will definitely keep you in mind. Thanks again for sharing. God bless and much success.
Wish you much success with this new project. I did enjoy your R&B so I know that this too will be a hit.
Just coming by to say keep doing wat ur doin may God bless you. From shiloh family worship center pastor A J Wright
Tony, a friend of mine bought your cd when she was in miami(we are brazilians), i heart it and loved it! you are a amazing singer, i love you.
Tony! your are amazing! im from Braziland i bought your cd in miami! it's really god! you are my star! love you, love your song! im your fan!
I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. I am so proud of you. You are my star. You are so gifted and blessed. I am very lucky to be your baby mama (lol), your friend and your wife! Keep up the good work! Hugs & Kisses...
Hey dad! I love your website. You did a great job! I'm proud of you :). I love you.
Keep up the great work for The Lord
Great work sharing the word of God. Very inspiring, Sir!
We are very proud of you Tony! It's your turn to shine. God Bless